Symbiotic Orchestra

Be a co-author of a biological-digital artwork. A unique experience that connects art, science and technology.

04/03/20 - 10H ÀS 17H

11/03/20 - 10H ÀS 17H

18/03/20 - 10H ÀS 17H

Symbiotic Orchestra


Symbiotic orchestra is an interactive musical installation where sounds are generated by a computer system connected to microorganisms. Over the course of three meetings, you will be led to experience microbiological laboratory procedures and also to enter the world of digital fabrication and computer sound production.

The objective of the project is the complete construction of the work, for later exhibition in a Digital Art Gallery, having all collaborators as co-authors. The idea was conceived during the meetings of the Microbiology for Artists study group at BioLiloLab, LILO.ZONE's biohacking laboratory.

The project explores the growth of microorganisms collected in São Paulo subway stations, fixing them in custom-made digitally manufactured Petri dishes integrated with a computer system that generates music. The structure of the work, which will support the plates, will also be fully designed and manufactured with laser cutting during the process. Each microorganism will be responsible for one type of sound and Petri dishes can be handled by the audience at the facility to compose different symphonies.

The intervals between meetings ensure that biological time is accounted for in the process so that microorganisms can grow into beautiful colonies.

  • Microbiology procedures for harvesting, handling and growing microorganisms in the laboratory;
  • Fixation of microorganism colonies;
  • Digital laser cutting manufacturing;
  • Computer vision systems for pattern recognition;
  • Electronic music software and protocols.
Target Audience
Artists and anyone interested in projects in the intersection between art, science and technology.
  • No need for prior knowledge;
  • Wearing a lab coat is not required but you can bring your own lab coat if you wish;
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes during the meetings;
  • Some strong smelling chemicals such as Arazyn resin (styrene) will be handled. If you are sensitive to any substance used, you may not be able to participate in these steps.
After registration, the Lilo.Academy organization will keep in touch by email informing you about other pre-production instructions and news.


Technological artist and consultant in innovation, prototyping and interactivity. Founder of LILO.ZONE and BioLiloLab.
Lina Lopes
Scientist and consultant, specialist in Biohacking and Open Science working with Molecular Genetics and DNA Repair since he was 13 years old.
Eduardo Padilha


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