Connecting people, nature, technology, and creative processes.
We are a community microbiology laboratory creating the necessary conditions for experimentation with biomaterials.
We are bringing people from different backgrounds and interested in prototyping new relations with nature and science.
We are raising knowledge about the Tropics' natural heritage and spotlighting the Global South perspective.
We host projects in bioart, biomaterials, biohacking, experimental science, and open hardware.


We develop artwork with science, provide scientific communication and promotion, offer curatorship in bioart, workshops, and talks.


Formally an NGO and ready to work with organizations from all over the world.
Residences and Curatorships
Digital Space
The world started to talk more about science, and it was time to launch our first residence project - VIRUS-19.
Microbiology for Artists
Boston, USA
Meetings between artists and scientists result in our first international artwork.
São Paulo, Brazil
Setted a physical lab to work with microbiology and molecular biology.
São Paulo
Ideas between the founders begin to be outlined.
A little bit about the first ideas
Some insights working prototyping bio materials.

Our Team

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    Artist & Founder

    aqui a bio

    mais bio

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    Scientist, Consultant & Coordinator

    Eduardo Padilha is a scientist and interdisciplinary researcher, working on Molecular Genetics, Biotechnology and Open Science. He has been invited to speak about science democratization, citizen science and the intersections between science, philosophy, design and art in several international events. He is a Bio Fellow by the BioSummit at the MIT Media Lab as a recognition for his work on democratizing science and technology in Brazil.

    Eduardo is an academic at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Sao Paulo, majoring in Biochemical Pharmacy. He is a research assistant at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the same university and a collaborator researcher at the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC). He also holds a certification in Music Performance (Violin) by the Adventist Academy of Art.

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    Artist, Researcher, Director & Curator

    Anais-karenin is a visual artist and researcher focused in symbiotical and epistemological studies about nature. She has papers and essays published in books and academic journals and participated in diverse mentoring groups with a curatorial approach. She has experience coordinating and collaborating with multidisciplinary projects centered in Global South issues, as gender, environment and traditional knowledge.

    Anais is currently living and researching contemporary artists in Tokyo, Japan, and pursuing a Phd in Visual Poetics at University of São Paulo, Brazil. Graduated from the State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and Master in Arts and Contemporary Culture from the same university.

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    Materials & Circular Economy Researcher

    Paulina Cho is a climate justice activist who catalyzes circular and zero-pollution systems, including researching and promoting new materials. She also works driving regenerative value chains and nature-based solutions with massive socio-economic benefits. Paulina is currently working at SYSTEMIQ, and before that, she dedicated her time to creating change together and with underserved communities.

    She graduated from Tsinghua University with a master's degree in Global Affairs as a Schwarzman Scholar and from University of São Paulo with a bachelor's in Law.

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